DIY Orb Pendant Light Fixture for $30

Hey! Today I’m continuing with the (you think never ending, don’t you) $80 Half Bath Makeover. Next item up: the light fixture.

Ok, our house is from we think the 1920s (or earlier?). Bits and pieces of it have been updated at different times, but as far as we can tell it hasn’t been given a *full* renovation at any one time. This bathroom was definitely an addition to the house, probably because the tiny bathroom upstairs is horrible. This gold, octagonal flush-mount light fixture, I imagine, came when the bathroom was added to the house. I lost my before pic so I had to take a picture of it in the basement. Sorry!


I’m sure it had some kind of makeover potential, but I didn’t really like it even to preserve so I wanted something completely new and, of course, cool. I only had $40 to contribute to this fixture and did NOT (I repeat, NOT!) want to buy a boob light fixture from the store and nothing at Ikea was catching my eye. I combed Kijiji for a bit but didn’t really find much.  I did, however, find this post from Lovely Etc where she zippity do dah whippety whipped up an AMAZING light fixture for like, nothing.

DIY-light-for-just-20-and-one-hourI thought hey, I want to do that. I want to do that. exact. thing. She had the innards of the light already attached to the ceiling, as you can see, and just worked with that and attached the orb, but I did not. So I changed what I was searching for and headed over to Marshall’s in the hopes of finding a decorative orb. AND I FOUND ONE, MIRACLE OF THE CENTURY. I don’t have any before pics of that.

Then a couple days later I ended up visiting a garage sale that was on a side street while I was doing some pedestrian shopping one day. That’s when I saw this repulsive gem which the owner wanted $5 for. I *never* would have wanted that thing if I hadn’t previously read her post.

How to makeover this lantern with a can of spray paint and a decorative item.

So I put this relic in a hazmat bag and skipped home with it, my husband looking on quizzically. I took it apart and *discarded* the outside and the bulbs, because eww. I spray painted the entire thing with Oil Rubbed Bronze. I think I had to do two coats.

We had to make a trip to Home Depot to buy a plate for the top that would cover the hole in the ceiling as my garage sale find didn’t have that. It was $5. Then my father in law was in town and he removed two of the links in the chain (because the ceiling in the bathroom is only about 8 ft) and changed out the fixture (I currently don’t touch electricity).

Round thing on top and shortened chainI had to take out the bulbs to get the fixture through the biggest triangle on the orb. Once the fixture was hanging, I just slipped the orb up onto it, then attached two of the doodads that held on the lantern and they hold up the orb marvelously.

doodadsAre you ready?



She made this DIY pendant light fixture from a decorative orb, a garage sale find and some spray paint. It was $30 total.

I love it so much, it MIGHT be one of my favourite things I’ve ever made. It hangs a *little* low so people in our house taller than 6’1″ have to manoever it a bit, but I DON’T CARE. It’s so cute. What do you think? Leave me a comment!

She made this DIY pendant light fixture from a decorative orb, a garage sale find and some spray paint. It was $30 total.


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Easy DIY Abstract Art for $5

While doing my $80 half-bath makeover, I wanted to add some colour via canvas art to the room, but obviously wasn’t about to drop my entire budget (times five) on a real piece of canvas art by a real artist. So I made one.

I’ve done it a few times before with varying levels of success so why not do it again? I found a tutorial online where she had used artist spatulas (probably not what they’re called, but whatever) exclusively. Of course I can’t *find* that tutorial now to share with you.

I found a pack of four in different sizes at Dollarama for $3 (although I’m not counting that in my bathroom total because it’s a supply I’ll use again and again). I also used the acrylic paint from Dollarama – black and white I already had, then I grabbed a bottle of light blue as well. That was $1.25. I *also* used a canvas from Dollarama, and no they haven’t sponsored me, I just want you to know where to get this stuff. That was $1.25.

Pro (haha) Tip: GO EASY ON THE BLACK. I did one of these for our guest room (pre-spatula days) and put it in there and immediately was like “annnnnd nope” and took it down. I had over-blacked it and it looked too harsh. That’s a re-do for another time. So I squeezed some dobs on the canvas…

How to make your own (DIY) painted canvas abstract art for $5.

…and smoothed it out (but not too much) by using different spatulas in different sizes, different angles and different directions. You can see my workspace here on Harrison’s playmat while he was in bed for the night. I just taped it down with masking tape.

How to make your own (DIY) painted canvas abstract art for $5.

I was conscious about where the colours met because I wanted mostly crisp colours instead of a bunch of wet paint just blending into one another. I let them dry (my husband was watching Wild at the time, so I sat down to bawl my face off and let the paint dry a bit before resuming the project) and then stepped back and looked at the canvas to see what was missing. I was conscious that I’d be placing it at the back of a shelf with something covering part of the canvas, so I took that into account when choosing the negative space.

Once things were mostly dry (the next day), I went back in and did my blending between the colours and added a bit of metallic blue (a mixture of white metallic and flat blue). Then just freshened up some of the edges and added a bit more here or there until it was what I wanted it to be.

And voila. For $5 I had a fun canvas art for my bathroom and I didn’t even have to search forever to find one that went with the decor.  I love how the spatula made the paint look and I was sure to leave a bit of texture in there instead of smoothing it all out flat.

What do you think? Have you done anything like this??

Add a splash of colour and class to your house on a SERIOUS budget with your own DIY canvas abstract art.


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