Photo by cassie's camera, cassie strom, cassie molyneux, 1958 buick, forever 21 striped dress, pearl necklace, engagement photosHi, I’m Sarah. Welcome to my little corner. This blog is mostly dedicated to my DIY projects in our early 1920s (we think? We know the name of the man who owned it in 1922 but that’s as far back as I’ve gotten) home and things I do with/for our son with the occasional fashion or Halloween costume thrown in for flavour.

I have an aversion to planning things before I do them (at home, anyway), so you’ll see what happens with my projects when I’m so eager to do it that I don’t think it all through. My photography skills are a work in progress too as I try to figure out the manual setting on my camera. Bear with me.

I live in southern Ontario right now with my husband and our son, Harrison.

Leave me a comment or contact me on any of the usual social networks. I love to hear from folks!