$80 Bathroom Makeover – Reveal

I’ve been plugging away on our main floor half-bath for a while and I’m so excited that I’m FINALLY DONE! Until I decide something else needs changing… but the entire house needs work so I’ll set this aside for now.

Way back in 2013 before I was even pregnant with Harrison, I tackled the inspirational sports wallpaper in the room. While kinda cute, and definitely the style of the former owners, I, nor my husband or our guests, need intense sports encouragement while in the washroom. I tore it down in an afternoon, back when afternoons didn’t revolve around naps. Then I let the room and its pencil marked walls (because wallpaper) sit for two years. No wait, I bought a floor rug for it from Target back when that was a thing in Canada. Read more about the wallpaper removal here. So here’s the before and after from way back then.


BUT HAVE NO FEAR. I saved a slice of the wallpaper because it was just *that good* of a conversation piece. More on that later.

*fast forward to September 2015*

Ok, so I set aside an $80 budget (taking down the wallpaper was free anyway) and call this my $80 Half-Bath Makeover. For the meagre price of $80, I was going to take this room from kinda drab to kinda fab. I didn’t hate it, nor did I do anything too drastic so that’s why I’m calling it that.

First up: PAINTING. The room was white, which I can work with, but the paint was very uneven and the walls had pencil marks on them from the wallpaper application which wouldn’t really erase off so it needed a fresh coat. Luckily we’ve done a couple neutral colours in the rooms upstairs and definitely had enough paint leftover for the bathroom. You see, one wall is ALL the door, and one wall is 3/4 a huge window, so the half can I had from our guest room was going to work just fine. Three coats and some touchups later, you can’t tell the difference in pictures *or* in person, but it’s clean, fresh and polished, and I feel better. It’s one shade off white in the blue direction. TOTAL PAINTING COST: $0. Ok, cool, we’re still at $80 remaining.

Next I painted the vanity. This was a bit of a mishap at first that wasted $7 of my budget, so you can imagine I was irked about that, but it turned out well in the end so it wasn’t a total loss. I taped off the sections and painted. You can do it, anyone can do it. I screwed this up (taping) a number of times, so needed another $3 roll of tape. What could have been free because of pre-owned supplies was now $10. Ok, $70 remaining.  Read more about the herringbone painted vanity here.

How to transform your drab vanity with a painted herringbone pattern from @ispeakcanadian.

Then I painted the mirror. The stark black contrast of the frame was going to be *too much* in this room now but the mirror is in good condition and the rectangular shape is easy to work with so I just painted it white with some trim paint we had downstairs. Excellent, $0 spent on that which still leaves $70 remaining.

So then my vision of the room was to have a shelf over the toilet with a few decorative items. I had known since I took the wallpaper down that I *had* to frame a piece of it. Everyone who came over to our house remembered the inspirational wallpaper and always wanted to chat about it, so we couldn’t let something that precious go to waste. I grabbed a frame from upstairs, painted it with leftover paint that I used on the vanity, and stuck a piece of the wallpaper in it.

A half bath makeover with less than $80 (including the light fixture!). @ispeakcanadian


Our bathroom rug is green and I wanted to incorporate that somehow so I bought a $1.50 plant pot and a $3.50 plant from Ikea for the shelf over the toilet as well. And finally, a $3.00 DIY abstract canvas. Ok, so shelf decor was $8.

Of course, there’s the matter of the *actual* shelf. We had one from Ikea but once I spray painted it and got it all ready, I tried it against the wall in there and it was WAY too deep. Like, can’t-get-near-the-toilet deep. Oops, I probably could have checked that beforehand. That’s what happens when you don’t plan properly. My budget for the shelf was only $10 so I had to be pretty diligent with searching out all my options. A deal on Kijiji fell through which made me sad so I just kept looking. More on the shelf here.

A half-bath makeover for under $80!!Half Bath Shelf Decor, all for $9 from www.ispeakcanadian.com

Then we have the light fixture – the crown jewel of the room. My original budget for it was $40 because that’s how much a new boob light is at Canadian Tire. Of course, nobody wants a boob light and people are actually trying to actively get RID of all their boob lights, but I knew the option was there. So I bought a garage sale light and a decorative orb from Marshalls and put up this baby that might very well be my favourite thing in the whole house. Read more about the DIY orb light fixture here.


She made this DIY pendant light fixture from a decorative orb, a garage sale find and some spray paint. It was $30 total.Other things I did that I haven’t included on the blog just yet – I painted the gold parts on our tap. Somehow white paint had gotten on it so I sprayed Oil Rubbed Bronze into a plastic container and painted it on carefully. And only a few weeks after doing this it’s not holding up very well. So I need another solution for that – probably a new faucet but I’m waiting for a sale.

Painted faucet

I also sprayed a soap dispenser we already had with Oil Rubbed Bronze and made a mason jar soap dispenser. Because we need 500ml of soap in here at a time, I guess.

Spray painted mason jar soap dispenser. Easy peasy.

So you want the cost breakdown, do you? Well here we go!

THE COST/materials

Shelf and brackets: $9
Plant and pot: $5
Canvas and paint: $3
Organization for under the sink: $4.50 (not shown)
Light fixture: $31
Paint supplies (tape and white spray paint): $10

Things already on hand ($0):
Wallpaper for frame
Paint for walls
Paint for mirror
Paint for frame
Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint
Mason jar and soap pump
Basket and magazines

Total for bathroom makeover: $62.50
$17.50 under budget!

Yayayaya! So here is the bathroom now and a nice little before/after for you.

Half Bath Shelf Decor, all for $9 from www.ispeakcanadian.com

A quick, cheap bathroom makeover with less than $65 from @ispeakcanadian. A quick, cheap bathroom makeover with less than $65 from @ispeakcanadian.

What do you think? $62.50 well spent? Leave me a comment and let me know your favourite part!


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  1. Natalie says:

    Oh, it’s so super cute and fun! I’m chuckling over “quitters never win” in a bathroom because sometimes, well, the struggle is real. Great work!

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