Makeover: The Blue Bayou Bathroom

I’ll get back to the downstairs $80 half bath next week. For now, hi, welcome to the Blue Bayou. I think this bathroom has been like this in our house since forever (pictures below). Everything else in the house looks like it was updated at least 15 years ago except this bathroom. Never. Never ever. So bad.

Let me justa givea you the rundown.

The bad: Blue tub. Blue 1″x1″ tile (=SO MUCH GROUT). Blue, water-wasting toilet. Blue sink. Blue floor. No counter space (none). A stupid angled shelf that holds really nothing. Textured wallpaper from who knows when. A bifold door (to save space because there’s not enough clearance into the bathroom or into the hallway for a regular sized door). Old plastic towel bar cemented to the wall.

The good: A window. A medicine cabinet. Lots of storage considering the size of the room. The tub and tile/grout is ugly but still in good shape.

So yes, you can see the dilemma here. Everything is terrible. And we have already made one small upgrade! When we first moved in, the bifold (closet) SLATTED door was on BACKWARDS and so any poor soul walking by while another poor soul was doing their business could see RIGHT INTO THE BATHROOM. So this bifold door didn’t hide sound, smell, NOR SIGHT for the person on the throne. My sister in law and I took it off one day and turned it around, turned the hinges around and put it back on. That doorway is not square at all. It was hell. Then I bought a child lock for the door because we didn’t have a way to keep it  “locked” at all and give our guests SOME KIND OF COMFORT WHILE USING THAT BATHROOM. Ghetto, but it works.

Our only plan really for this bathroom in the immediate future was to take off the wallpaper and paint. Everything else just seemed like so much work. I mean the house is 93 years old. Who knows what we’ll find.

Until we got one particular water bill. It turns out we had gone home for 3 weeks in the summer and our toilet ran for all. three. weeks. We got a call from our water company when they read the meter to see if we had installed a swimming pool. Nope, nope we hadn’t. We freaked. Our water bill was EIGHT TIMES what it usually is. When we came to the realization that it could have been the toilet, we asked and she said yep that’ll do it. So my father in law was coming to visit a couple months later and so I figured I would get him to help me (“help me” means “show me how to do this” and then he tries to do everything himself) install a new toilet. WELL, one thing led to another and, due to a lucky bounce and a couple very, very unlucky bounces,  it has become much, much more than that. Join me for the journey.

So let’s get to the before pictures. There are a few indeed.

BlueBathroomBefore1Uh, eww. BlueBathroomBefore2Also, more eww.


and, like, if I haven’t said it, eww.


Get ready!


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