Half Bath Shelf & Decor

Now, the finishing touch (really? Is anything ever finished?) on the $80 half bath makeover is the over-the-toilet decor. I’ve shown you a bit of this in the post about the DIY Canvas Artwork but haven’t shown you the whole thing. Ok, so decor first, then the shelf. We went with the $3 artwork that I made, and then bought a succulent on sale at Ikea and a white pot for it. Believe it or not we really have *no* plants in this house. So we could probably do with one.

Then, since we had taken down the inspirational sports wallpaper, I had planned to frame it in whatever ended up being our future bathroom, which is now. I chose a well-framed piece and stuck it in a frame we had upstairs, and then painted it with the paint that I used on the vanity. I didn’t sand it or anything and I don’t recommend going that route. A piece of it peeled off and I don’t think I have any more of that paint because I created the colour myself. Le sigh, oh well.

Half Bath Shelf Decor, all for $9 from www.ispeakcanadian.comAnyway, these three things are enough for me. I only had a $10 budget for the shelf and looked ALL OVER. I didn’t even really find anything in that range, which is absurd to me. A shelf is the most basic thing. Also, don’t buy cheap melamine shelves for however much when you (the handy diyer that you are) can buy a 1″ x 6″ x 8′ board at Home Depot and some cute brackets and you’ve got a way better quality shelf that you can customize as you see fit. So that’s what I did. I bought it for $10 for the long board (which will make a shelf for upstairs too), I cut it and stained it with the stain from the bookshelves. If you don’t have the ability to cut a shelf, Home Depot will do it for you if you ask!

workspaceI bought the brackets from Ikea for $2 each and spray painted them white. You can see them in the pic above. And some sneak peeks at our upstairs renovation – that will take significantly longer than this little makeover because the room has had wallpaper in it for 50 years and has never been painted and is a disaster.

The Cost

Shelf: $5
Brackets: $4
Canvas: $3
Plant and Pot: $5

Total: $17

Moving along. Here we are.

Half Bath Over-the-toilet decorHalf Bath Shelf Decor, all for $9 from www.ispeakcanadian.comHalf Bath Shelf Decor, all for $9 from www.ispeakcanadian.comI grabbed that basket from upstairs and put a few Style at Homes and a few Esquires in it, and an extra roll of toilet paper.

What do you think? Improvement?


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