Juddlies Designs Sleepers (and giveaway!)

Hello folks. Who feels like a giveaway?! That’s a silly question, right? This one is for parents or those who’d like a gift for a little one they know!

When Harrison was just 4 months old, I was introduced to the loveliness of Juddlies Designs sleepers. These are the kind of sleepers you buy sparingly (because they’re a bit more expensive than others, but worth the splurge) and put on your child as soon as they’re clean, and then assess whether it’s *really* dirty or not before washing it (instead of just throwing it in the hamper automatically). To be honest, I didn’t think the oatmeal sleeper was much to look at (as oatmeal isn’t my thing – colour nor food), but the neutral colour was so cute on our little bubs.


When he was taken to the doctor and then checked into the hospital at 8 months old, he was wearing his 0-3 month Juddlies oatmeal sleeper. The nurses were like “oh… a zipp… OH WAIT IT HAS A DOUBLE ZIPPER!” So they just unzippy zipped from the bottom up and put the little oxygen regulator (SAT probe – I’m basically a doctor now) on his foot and then zippy zipped it back down and it was extremely unintrusive. For non-hospital visits, y’now, because who wants to buy a sleeper in case of hospital visits, you get the advantage of a zipper (because snaps are the worst) with easy access for diaper changes. Again, snaps are the worst.

The fabric on these puppies is soooo super soft. It seems like a double layer but still super breathable. Perfect for the fall months! And stripes! AND grippy feet!


So now I bring you to our giveaway. Juddlies (via KidCentral, the Canadian distributor) has agreed to give two lucky Canadian winners each a sleeper! There is a 6-12 and 12-18 up for grabs in the colour (in stock) of your choosing. The sizes are generous (Harrison was a pretty healthy size and still wearing 0-3m when he was 8m. Now he’s 13m and wearing the 6-12m size).

This giveaway is (sorry) only open to Canadians 18 or older and I will be drawing the winners (2!) next Monday (Sept 28). Good luck!

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  1. Caitlin says:

    Can’t wait to try these! Going to order one from snuggle bugz today 🙂 Love the blue and green for my boy!
    Love you blog too!

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