Ikea Bekväm Spice Rack Bookshelves

In Harrison’s monthly pictures, there is a bit of a spice rack bookshelf peeking into the photo and many people have asked about them or commented on them. Most have no clue that they’re spice racks, because who thinks we’d have spice racks in our baby’s room? So here’s the story. And a walkthrough. First, we *needed* to have a place for some books in the nursery (versus all in the closet or downstairs) but didn’t have a ton of space in there. Our dresser is a medium, oak-y stain and our crib/glider are both a darker espresso. Initially it looked like our dresser was plunked there because it happened to fit and we already had it. That’s exactly what happened. So I decided to stain a couple things to match the dresser and put them on the side of the room with the crib and glider and make it like a multi-wood room. The theme is nautical so I thought it could just be like the multiple types of wood on a boat. Anyway, I saw online that people were spray painting these spice racks and using them as little bookshelves to have the books facing out.  So instead of painting them, I wanted to stain them to match the dresser so it wasn’t so lonely. And it worked!

Screen Shot 2015-09-12 at 8.55.18 PM

If we ever need to use that wall and move the shelf, they can fit almost anywhere, and with minimal damage to the wall (just two screws), which is awesome.  They can also be painted to match anything. Lots of people even use them on the walls to help organize the children’s craft table. I’ve seen them on the wall as a mini night stand, attached to a dresser for book storage, basically anything. Oh, and they’re spice racks too.

The Cost Summary:
Ikea Spice Racks: $6.99 CAD (x4) (here)
Varathane Wood Stain in Ipswich Pine, $8 (here)
Total Cost: $36

First I covered the entire patio table in an old sheet. You might consider a layer of newspaper or flyers and then an old sheet. Or plastic, as this stuff can bleed.

How to turn Ikea $7 spice racks into space saving bookshelves from @ispeakcanadian

I started out with all the pieces separate and then eventually assembled the bottom and the two sides of each one so I could get a better feeling for what I was doing and tell which parts were important to be stained well. I didn’t do the back because I had read somewhere that their spray paint stuck to the wall. This worked out well because the racks just sat on their backs to dry. I kept the cross bar from the front separate while I stained.

How to turn Ikea $7 spice racks into space saving bookshelves from @ispeakcanadian

Pro (haha) tip: Stir your stain WELL before applying it. Even shake it up a bit before you open it for the first time. I could have done two coats if I had stirred the dang can but didn’t and then was like WHOA THIS IS SO DARK WHERE IS THIS COLOUR COMING FROM as I got closer to the bottom of the can.

Anyway, paint it on, leave it a bit, wipe excess with a cloth, stop when it looks good. Instructions are on the side of the stain. I left them outside all weekend (brought them in at night) to make sure they were good and dry. And also I was pregnant and wanted as much of the stain fumes to dissipate before bringing them in.

How to turn Ikea $7 spice racks into space saving bookshelves from @ispeakcanadian

When you install them, we did 14″ vertically between the screw holes which allowed for bigger children’s books. We wanted them from close to the ceiling all the way down to the glider, but if you have a different plan then obviously measure and figure that out beforehand.

This girl stained (instead of painted) the Ikea Bekvam $7 spice rack. Great nursery bookshelves!

Have you done this or a similar project? Leave me a comment and let me know!



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