Reusable Snack Pouches

Is it worth it to buy reusable snack pouches and make your own puree?Do you buy the disposable baby food pouches from the store? They’re about $1-$2 and amazingly convenient – lunch on the go for a little 6 month old, and a life-saving snack on the go for kids up to 3-ish years old. But I wasn’t feeling awesome about throwing away the snack pouches after every use. A little secret, I actually would rinse it, refill it with some puree I had made and throw it in the fridge short term (24 hours max). To rinse and refill the disposables, I used a 60cc syringe that we had brought back from the hospital after the baby was sick. It’s amazing, but obviously not a long term solution as the disposable pouches are meant to be disposable, and you also can’t rinse them very well.

I looked into all the different pouches out there and read all the reviews etc. I bit the bullet and bought a four pack of the Little Green Pouches based on the reviews I had read online. Most of them are a bit pricey but these ones were reasonably priced and had good reviews so I went with it. I’d like to take this opportunity to inform you that SOME of the pouches on the market require their own lids. If you lose the lids, the pouch is useless and you have to buy more, special lids from that company. It’s annoying. The Little Green Pouches accept the lids from disposable pouches. I consider that a HUGE win. I chose jack fruit, spinach, yogurt, some frozen tropical fruit and water as my first combo and dumped it all into the blender.  Then when only half blended, I accidentally DUMPED HALF INTO THE SINK when the lid came off as I was trying to shake it up. So I replaced the missing stuff with pears. Le woops. OK so blend blend blend, then you can pour from the blender right into the pouches, which I did successfully. It takes a try or two to get the quantity right so it doesn’t squeeze out when you seal the pouch, but you can always keep the spout open over the blender as you seal it so the excess has a place to escape.

Reusable Food PouchesMy first time doing this was a bit of a disaster, as mentioned above, but since then I’ve learned how to make smaller batches (in the Magic Bullet, followed by transfer to measuring cup for filling) and how to make less of a mess. Sorta. If I didn’t have a dishwasher, I wouldn’t be doing this at all, but that’s just me. Just sayin’.

Because I only have four pouches, it’s inevitable that I will need some short term storage for excess puree until I can free up a pouch. To be honest, with one baby, I don’t need more than four pouches, but I *do* need something to store the rest of the puree in. At first I used some breastmilk storage bags. I needed to use up the rest of the pack because I don’t want them kicking around and collecting dust until we have another baby. But this is yet another disposable solution. I went out and bought a bunch (like 10) of jars of strained pears and just used those to flavor his oatmeal in the morning and then used the jars to store excess puree. It’s working, certainly.

I tried using all fresh ingredients but the peeling/steaming/waiting until they’re just ripe enough was a bit much for me to do/keep track of, so I find if I have a can of something on hand it makes the whole process much easier, faster, more tolerable.

I’m not *totally* convinced that it’s a cheaper/better solution. It’s kinda time consuming (especially if you’re using exclusively fresh fruit), you need a lot of fruit/yogurt/whatever to make a decent batch so it’s not particularly cheap, considering you have to buy the pouches as well, and it’s super messy. But I do like that we don’t throw the pouches away all the time, so I will continue to go this route.

Here are a few of my favourite combinations:

Spinach + Pears + Avocado

Spinach + Pears

Pineapple + Peaches

Peaches + Berries + Chia Seeds

Tell me your experience with reusable food pouches. Which ones did you get? Do you love/hate them? Do they work? Can your little one work them? Leave me a comment and let me know!