Nautical Nursery Tour

It’s been so long since I posted here. I had a nursery tour all ready to go though, so here it is. Oh, also. I had a baby this year. If I neglected to mention that.

As long as I can remember, I’ve loved the water and everything about it. I have always loved the crispness of navy and white together and grew up with a bedroom in that scheme. Throw in some double breasted jackets and gold buttons and I’m “on board,” if you will.

When I was newly pregnant, my husband took me took see a submarine in real life for the first time. It was in Connecticut and we stayed at a bed and breakfast in a nautical-themed room and loved it. We already had a dresser we were going to use as a change table and it was stained a light colour that was impossible to match. I was wondering what I was going to do with it and thought of going with a muted Hundred Acre Wood colour scheme and then the thought if everyone giving us Winnie the Pooh everything was too much to bear (BEAR, get it?!). I decided I could do a nautical theme no problem with a couple colours of wood. It freed me from continuing to search for a wood to match the dresser.

Here is what we started with. Yes it always was that messy.


We removed that white shelf and painted that wall navy and the rest a very very light grey.

2Our friends gave us an espresso crib, you can see that in the corner above. I bought the glider and draped a yellow quilt over it that my mother in law made the baby. I grabbed a lumbar pillow for $14.99 from Target that fit the theme perfectly.


Then I stained some Ikea spice racks (more here) to use as bookshelves and made a couple of curtains from two tablecloths (more here).

4I finished off the crib with a navy striped crib sheet and white/navy crib skirt. I finished the decor on the navy wall with an “AHOY” burlap pennant banner for $15 off Etsy, a “Welcome Aboard” navy and white buoy for $20 from Ebay and a $10 (on sale) oar from Canadian Tire.

IMG_6539 IMG_6507 IMG_6535

Three boat cleats-as-coat-hooks and a $5 shelf that I stained myself go along the wall with the door. The shelf is pretty dainty so it houses only light, decorative items, including a sailor’s hat from the submarine we visited in December.6

5 I eventually want to put two books there that are nautical, but I didn’t really have any so I just went with the colour scheme.

Opposite the navy wall is the low dresser that started it all. You’ll notice the shelves have been stained to match it. Ordinarily I would have spray painted the shelves but I figured on a boat you see many natural fabrics and different kinds of wood so that was my inspiration for the stain.

I bought an $8 vintage-inspired world map off of Ebay and mounted it above the change table. Our diaper pail is behind the door. And you can see the hamper in the before picture. I don’t have an after pic of it because it was in the laundry room. Here’s before and after:

Change-Table-B-AThe diapers-and-wipes box (holding our Applecheeks!) was from HomeSense and the navy change pad cover I bought when we drove across the border one day. Psst also see that little snakey thing above the change pad? That’s a Mighty Bright booklight that I had in my bedside table from FOREVER ago. I think it was a stocking stuffer one year. Anyway, I clipped it to the dresser and it’s an invaluable aid for night time diaper changes. Seriously so handy. Except when the baby kicks it, because it’s got a flexible neck on it.

I finished the room with a beigey rug from Ikea that I don’t LOVE but whatever, it’s fine.

Here is a before and after panoramic:8

and the other view:9

I’m still looking for a side table to put beside the glider but that’s a very slow process.

What do you think? Leave me a comment and let me know!