Our Quirky, Colourful Wedding

After posting how our non-date happened, I thought you might want to see our wedding. A year and a half later there are definitely things I would have done differently with our wedding. I would have toned DOWN THE COLOUR a little bit and I really would have liked to be the one to do the decorating (as we had a last minute team do that when we learned we couldn’t get in until Saturday). I would probably do many things differently in fact, as my tastes are always changing. Anyway, I realized that I’d never blogged about our wedding. Probably because our photographer blogged it and a few others blogs had it featured as well so I didn’t want to bombard people with it. But then I realized we did some cool stuff that was either fun, creative or SERIOUSLY cost saving that might benefit others in their wedding planning hell joy. First I’ll tell you that our photographer was Cassie Molyneux from Cassie’s Camera.


For my veil, I bought birdcage netting on Etsy for about $5. Then I bunched it on either side with thread and pinned it to my hair with a bobby pin. Looking back I realize the veil looked stupid from the side so I probably should have done something to fix that, but whatever. I also think this veil ended up in our second photographer’s pocket and I never got it back. As you can tell from the work I put into it, I’m not too broken up about that. I kept a few things from the wedding – those earrings were one of them, but I didn’t really feel too sentimental about the veil. Total cost $5.


This necklace-turned-hairpiece is something I have also included in a future post, if I ever get around to posting that one. I bought two identical necklace/earring sets from ALDO for $12 (total). It was buy one get one free. I wore the earrings and took the necklaces apart to make a hairpiece and a bracelet, which I don’t have a good picture of. The hair piece anchored my veil and then served as a pretty lil accessory when the veil was removed. Total cost for all accessories – $12.


I carried my mom’s Bible down the aisle instead of flowers. She carried the same Bible when my parents were married and I decorated it similarly with a white flower and ribbon. Total cost, I dunno… a dollar?


For WHATEVER REASON (no idea), I wanted our vows on scrolls. So I bought naked scroll headers on Etsy for $8 and spray painted them gold. Then I got a roll of paper from Ikea for $5 (which also came in handy when we were moving) for the parchment part of it. One thing that was awkward was that you have to put some weight into the scroll headers (seriously don’t know what they’re called) so that it doesn’t keep rolling up while you’re reading it. So we just used nails or something and masking taped them. You can see it a bit in the top pic, but the guests at the wedding couldn’t.

We were at a wedding when we first started dating and the groom said his vows first and read from a recipe card. Short, succinct. Then her turn came and she noisily unfolded a full sheet of paper. The attendees laughed, even though this wasn’t planned by the two at all. Now, Graham is definitely the wordier of the two of us, so we planned something similar but in reverse. Even though we said the same vows, his scroll was about 5 feet long, while mine was only about 2 feet. I read my vows first and, when he unrolled his scroll and it was down to his shins, our guests nearly died with laughter. scrollI’m convinced that antic might be the only thing people remember from the day! Total cost $18.


We put out Kleenex (I can say that because those puppies were NAME BRAND) at the front for our guests, even though our ceremony wasn’t a particularly tear-jerking one.


Our guest book (guestbook?) was a typewriter that I had sourced via a “does anyone have an old typewriter I can borrow?” tweet. I really loved this and the things that people wrote were hilarious because they couldn’t find the apostrophe and couldn’t correct their mistakes etc, but not everyone wrote something because it was a bit of a hassle. And now our guestbook is a bunch of loose leaf sheets of paper. Total cost: free.



I asked my girls to wear turquoise shoes. And in the photos they look great. I wanted us to all have the same colour (vs them having one, me having one) and mine to be closed toe. I found these Nine West Ambitious shoes (which also come in black and pink) at an outlet in Buffalo, NY. Total cost: $40.


We used scrabble tiles for our signs, and for the Mr and Mrs place cards.

AMPERSANDI desperately wanted this ampersand because I wanted a picture of us holding it between us WHICH I FORGOT ABOUT ON THE DAY OF THE WEDDING. TIP: WRITE THESE THINGS DOWN! This puppy was a bit tricky as we made it (My FIL cut it) out of MDF and we bought the wrong spray paint. So it basically drank all the paint we put on it. Then we finally got it to work and the back just needed one more coat, but that coat went onto the front instead (cough these things happen when two people are a bit stressed and not really communicating properly) and the ampersand rebelled against that last coat and got some kind of rash. So I attacked it with sandpaper and it ended up looking perfectly distressed. Voila. Total Cost? I have no idea. $30?


If people wanted us to kiss, they had to make a donation. I think we raised $180 or something like that. Not too shabby.


Our centrepieces were a mason jar with a lemon slice on top of a stack of three books. I made book covers for the books that paid homage to our relationship. That top one there is The Philosopher’s Wife, and the one underneath is The Pretty Girl at Camp. No idea what the cost was, but it was minimal. We also used Uno cards and clothespins for the table numbers which is another nod to hanging out at camp.


Finally, my friend felted (no idea how one does that) us two birds and I made the veil, top hat and bow tie for them. It was their gift to us and so our cost was free. That cake was also our MOH and MC’s (they’re married) gift to us  – I gave them a rough idea (two levels, here’s the ribbon) and they made this lemony masterpiece for us.

And that’s about it! You might notice we don’t have any flowers in the wedding – that was a cost that I seriously wanted to avoid. I had the Bible so I didn’t need a bouquet, and the girls carried a bunch of white fake flowers and I bought from a craft store, basically so they’d have somewhere to put their hands. They were already wearing yellow with aqua shoes – I didn’t need to add anything to that. I bought their necklaces and earrings from Etsy (after trying to make them myself and getting annoyed).

And there you have it! If you want to see more pictures, I’ll just go ahead and send you over to Cassie’s site.

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