How Not to Make a Baby Onesie From a T-Shirt


I had a great plan to make a t-shirt into a baby onesie. Mainly because I work for a baby store, and I thought I would take our work shirts and make a shirt for a doll. Cute. And then I effed up the project time and time again, until I had basically shreds of fabric, and no baby onesie to be seen. So here’s how it’s NOT EVER TO BE DONE. Honestly, fail and fail again on this one.


First, make sure you DON’T CHOOSE A V-NECK SHIRT. An adult v-neck on a baby onesie means that the v will end somewhere around the top of their diaper. Hello inappropriate baby version of J.Lo at the 2000 Grammys. So that’s roadblock #1 and because of sleeves and whatnot, you can’t just hike up one part of the shirt and leave the back.


So you have to take the shirt apart. TAKE THE SHIRT. APART. THE ENTIRE SHIRT. APART. Which is only about 17,000 stitches and guaranteed arthritis. It will take you about two hours to do this. All because you chose a v-neck shirt.


Don’t forget how to install the bobbin because TRUST ME, it will need to be put in there correctly. Or you’ll get nowhere on your project.

pinkwhiteDon’t sit down to start sewing before you’ve even looked at your thread [non] collection. I have about 3 colours: black, white and grey. Neither of which I really wanted to use on this pink shirt. So I used the white. But then oh wait, I have about 80 different colours of bobbins, so there was a pink that matched POIFECTLY. So I decided I was going to sew with two different colours of thread. It doesn’t allow much for imperfections, which we all know this project was going to be rife with.


And finally, make sure that you MOST DEFINITELY don’t cut without M-E-A-S-U-R-I-N-G. YES, I know the measure twice cut once rule, but I thought I was just trimming it. I was apparently not trimming it – I was cutting off 2/3 of the shoulder on only one side. Then I gave up and threw it in a box with the supplies. Hopefully I can post the correct way to do this one day. But probably not with this poor pink shirt. I try and just remember that my mom had disasters like this back in the day as well, and now she can whip up things like nobody’s business.

What about you, dear reader? Any sewing/crafting disasters to speak of?


7 thoughts on “How Not to Make a Baby Onesie From a T-Shirt

  1. Momma says:

    Oh, my lovely, this made me laugh out loud. Think of all the things you learned. Those people that sew all those fancy things, with those fabric eating machines are a wonder to me. Now you know why dad wore his jeans rolled up for 20 years. He preferred that look to one leg @ capri length and the other just right.

  2. Jennifer says:

    Amazing! I laughed out loud so many times! And good form on the tantrum, every crafting disaster deserves a foot stomp and throwing everything back into a box. Better luck next time, right?!

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