DIY Custom Party Banners

I was at Michelle‘s Nerdy 30 Birthday (actually, I was helping her get ready for it a couple days prior) and I realized she was asking her boyfriend to buy a custom banner for the party. I thought “WHAAAAAAAAAAAT?! THOSE EXIST?!” So yes, they exist. Their party had a wonderful foil banner that said “TALK NERDY TO ME” on it. Here’s a photo I stole from Michelle.

And that got me thinking about banners in general. Now, we’re not going to make one *quite* like this. Then at work (my previous job) a while later I saw a banner that said “WE ♥ VOLUNTEERS” and I inquired about it. Then I got to work.

You’ll need:
– some string or twine
– cardstock or posterboard of one colour (that contrasts with the wall)
– paper for the letters of another colour
– a hole punch (or clothespins. More on that later)
– 2 thumbtacks
– a glue stick
– scissors

First, you need to decide how long you want your banner to be, and which wall it’s going on. If you want to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY AND MERRY CHRISTMAS AUNT MATILDA SORRY YOUR BIRTHDAY IS DECEMBER 25!” on a banner, you’ll be there with your gluestick a while. I suggest one word (Welcome, Farewell, etc) or “Happy 50th Matilda.”

Cut the rectangles out for how many letters you have, and don’t worry about the spaces between the words. I’ve always cut them so they have two points on the bottom. You can do triangles or circles as well if you’d like. Ensure they’re tall enough that you can secure them to the twine without obscuring the letter. In other words – leave a bit of space empty at the top.

Make the letters. If you have access to a stencil or a computer printer, I suggest using that and not making all the letters freehand. It adds considerable time to your project. I always seem to need a “W” and it takes me half an hour to make one.

Glue the letters onto the square pieces.

Punch two holes in the top of each square piece. Alternately, you can place the twine against the square piece and clothespin it on. You might want something thicker than twine if you go that route.

Thread the twine through the holes. When you put it on the wall, pull it taut enough that you can move the letters around freely to position them properly, but that they stay in place without all gathering in the 1

And finally, if you have a number of words, you can leave the spaces as spaces, or you can seperate them with the same thing you used to do the letters. I just used a  square here. photo 3

Voila. A quick(ish) decoration for any party or occasion. I made this one for a coworker’s birthday and she absolutely loved it.IMG_0577