The Motivational Wallpaper

When you’re re-doing a room, or at least when I am, I pick things I like. But one must also consider THE ROOM when making these decisions. Seems like a no-brainer, right? Now I’m a firm proponent of not doing things “because you’re supposed to” but instead YOU DO WHAT YOU WANT. See my no flowers no dessert cowboy boots leather jacket wedding for an example. Well let’s say you find a great picture of a grizzly bear in colours that match your bedroom. Amazing, right? You love bears! Until you walk into your serenity now bedroom after a hard day and this face is staring at you.


I say this because my parents HAVE A PICTURE OF A BEAR in their bedroom. Not quite as startling as the one above, mind you, but I always think I’d get no sleep in there. And get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom? Forget it. That’s what the Oops Sheet is for.

Or when you’re looking for a picture for that one bare wall in your house near the front door – BEWARE that it’s the FIRST thing people see when they walk in. Don’t put up something that gives them the impression that what they’re having for dinner tonight is actually the last visitor you had over.

A friend of mine visited an office for a meeting and the man she was meeting with had photos of his wife from a pregnancy photoshoot on the wall. But not the charming ones of them lying in the grass together. The other kind. The shawl-blowing-in-the-wind-covering-just-the-right-parts kind of photoshoot. Wrong room for that decor, my friend!

Anyway, I tried to make a shoe picture last year for our bedroom, and then photoshopped it onto the wall before having the real deal printed and framed and realized it intensified the look I was trying to get away from (the little boy’s room. Whole story here).

I tell you all this because we moved into a new place in December and it has a room with motivational sports quotes on the wall. While not the wallpaper I would choose, it’s still cool and doesn’t require immediate changing, although changing a little ways down the road is probably in order.

20130209-210239.jpg 20130209-210246.jpg 20130209-210254.jpg

Now here’s the best part. The room is a bathroom. Half-bath rather. You don’t even have that third reason (bathing/showering) for why you could be in there. You are in there to pee, or that other thing. And you are, GOSH DARNIT, GOING TO BE MOTIVATED the entire time you’re doing it. Now let’s revisit the wallpaper with this new knowledge in mind, imagining reading it from the vantage point of the toilet.

20130209-203440 20130209-203454 20130209-20351820130209-203249 20130209-203448

I know, right? I half feel like I’m being emotionally hugged and half feel like I’m being yelled at by a drill sergeant while I’m in there. I actually love that last one. As though you’re in there in extreme pain and wanting it to be over and the wallpaper is yelling at you. I think at that point that what you need is a change in diet instead of some aggressive wallpaper.

Anyway, whenever I’m in there I always have a chuckle at the previous owners’ choice of decor. I have a feeling they thought the wallpaper was cool and then installed it and thought “oh…. that.”

Have you ever decorated a room and then realized it wasn’t the best choice?

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2 thoughts on “The Motivational Wallpaper

  1. shannon says:

    “The thrill isn’t in the winning, it’s in the doing.” These all take on new meaning in the bathroom. I wanna come poop at your house, okay.

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