Getting Smoke Smell Out of Furniture

So if you follow along, you’ll know that we bought a second hand table a while back that was basically impregnated with cigarette smoke. I. Can’t. Handle. That smell (you’re wondering why I said yes to buying this set? No comment) so I turned to my best friend, the interwebs, to try and extinguish the smell.

Actually, the first thing I did was to watch my mother in law wash it with a water/Fantastik solution, and then we finished it up with some delightful Pledge. Actually. It smells lovely.20130107-103724.jpg

Two days later, the smell was back. I repeated. Then two days later I repeated, assuming that eventually all the smells would be brought to the surface and cleaned away. It only smelled inside the dining room, so I avoided the room as much as I could. Then I looked to the interwebs and was told that bowls of vinegar do an alright job of catching the smell as it escapes the furniture. So I thought I’d do that to monitor the smell between washings. So I did that. I also read that a vinegar-soaked piece of bread will do the same thing, but I didn’t think I could convince my husband that having vinegar bread in our dining room is what all the cool kids are doing. I also wondered if people just posted the first thing that came to mind to see if some poor suckers would do it (like that time my hair dresser told me to put olive oil in my hair – I was sure she just wanted to see if I’d do it). So I put out two bowls and changed them every few days. Yes, the room smells a bit like vinegar, but when you remove the bowls, it doesn’t smell like vinegar OR SMOKE.20130107-103739.jpg


And then I came across someone who had purchased art from a bar, not really realizing that it was going to smell, well, like a bar. They had sprayed it with a pet odor product called Nature’s Miracle (this post not sponsored in any way). 20130107-103714I found a few more people who had done the same, so I scooched off to the pet store and was OVERWHELMED by the choices of this product. Laundry, carpet, furniture, all can be cleaned with NM. And in every scent you can imagine. Well, not EVERY. I selected the “safe for furniture” unscented version (one can only have so many scents in one room!) and excitedly (really, Sarah?) drove home.

The directions say to spray and wait 5 minutes (having tested a section first to ensure no discoloring) so I did that.



And, GUESS WHAT GUYS THE SMELL IS GONE! GOOOOOOOOOONE! Now it didn’t happen immediately and I left the vinegar in the room for probably 2 weeks, so I’m not sure which method was more beneficial but I don’t care because it’s GONE! My advice though is that if you have CLOTH chairs (and not a vinyl material) to just not buy the chairs. Seriously, they’ll be discoloured (even if you don’t know it) and you’ll never be able to get everything out.

Also, you can see that we have a lovely home with random parts of furniture waiting to fall over onto delicate wine glasses at any minute, and SOLE boxes reminding us constantly that our current footwear is JUST NOT GOOD ENOUGH.

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