Make Your Own Nailpolish

I’ve been painting my nails a lot more lately – I have a bit more time in the evenings, AND I’ve been cruising Instagram and Pinterest for ideas. I usually paint them something interesting and then promptly take it off and paint them something solid and boring. I’ve been making my own colours by mixing them in a bottle cap and painting with dollar store paintbrushes. The thing with that is that if you like it, or if you need to touch it up… you’re out of luck.

So I went on ebay and ordered five empty bottles for $4.99. They arrived at my door today and I went right to work mixing up a couple of colours. One worked out just as suspected, and one… not as much. I’ll share the former.

I have a greyish pink colour and wanted to see if I could make a light grey by combining it with white. THIS IS VERY BASIC CHEMISTRY, SARAH. Here’s what it looked like before shaking it up. Also, thanks to my sister in law for that killer box I’m using as a backdrop. It’s got a hinge in it and it was a bath product gift set. It’s been the perfect two-level box for my nail products. It turns out I couldn’t get the colour I wanted, so I had to add some black in there as well. When you put your colours in, make sure you have lots of room in the bottle to add more of one, or (apparently) third colour completely.

After shaking, a lot of shaking, I applied two coats to my nails. It’s pretty much the perfect colour, but because I combined different nailpolishes at different stages in their perfect-to-goop life, my new grey didn’t know what consistency it wanted to be. I like it though, far better than the opulescent blueblack that I created on my first go-round, although that one is still alright.

make your own nailpolish

Overall, I really liked doing this. Maybe because I’m a painter’s daughter, maybe because I’m annoyingly creative. The opportunity for screwing up your colour is very high, so I’m not sure how long 5 bottles will last me, or how I will clean them out completely if I mess up big time. I never use the nail polish before it goes goopy though, so if I end up wasting a bit here or there, I won’t be crying.

Whaddya think? Does this interest you? What colours would you like to (a) have for yourself, or (b) see me make? AND HELP ME NAME MY NEW COLOUR! As it stands I might be naming it “My Favourite Cardigan.” Let me know!