Easy Wall Artwork

I’m not an artist. In fact I’m a procrastinator, as I am writing this post when I really have other things to be doing. Artistic things to be doing. But I came across this photo I took and wanted to share it.

Acting under a burst of initiative one evening, my husband and I put these three frames up on the wall, somehow managing to get them level with the measure-your-own Ikea-wire on the back.

But the frames were empty. We obviously wanted to fill them with photos, but didn’t know what. Our engagement photos would be good, our wedding photos too. But then we realized it would make us that couple. The couple who has nothing but photos of themselves all over their home. So there the frames sat, blank and alone; crying themselves to sleep each night.

And then I had an epiphany! The opening in the frames is 11.5×11.5 and scrapbooking paper is 12×12. I dragged out my book of scrapbooking paper I had purchased at Costco a few years ago and searched for a colour scheme that would look fine (high decoration standards, right here) with the blue/grey walls and our grass-green rug.

You see, scrapbooking paper-making companies often use the same colour scheme with various different patterns. And so I found my scheme, and selected my patterns – three of them – and threw them into the frames. And then we left it like that because we really liked it.


And as a bonus, I was out looking for throw pillows (read: something I didn’t know existed until I started dating Graham) to make the couch a happier place. I was looking for something with blue/green to now make the dining room and living room (all one room) look like they belong together. And I found, not only what I was looking for, but in a polka dotted pattern. Win.



3 thoughts on “Easy Wall Artwork

  1. Rae says:

    They call them throw cushions because when certain people sit on the chesterfield, they “throw” the cushion onto the floor.

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