Make Your Own Star Trek Pins

How to make your own Star Trek communicator pins for parties with spray paint, poster board and some pins.I know, right? From bedrooms to Star Trek pins. This post is actually long overdue. As well, I don’t know anything about Star Trek. Nothing. So I don’t even know what these mean, but they’re called Communicator Pins, so one can assume what they’re for. Alls I know is that I went to Michelle’s Nerdy 30 birthday party and she saw this idea on the interwebs somewhere for $10 a piece, and we decided they could be easily made, and so we did just that. They worked out really well (as well as paper pins can) and all the guests were required to wear them.  I give you – Star Trek Communicator Pins.

Step 1 is to draw the oval and the arrow part on the back of two separate pieces of construction paper. We used a piece of yellow poster board that was lying around. It worked well. You can also use foam sheets if you want to give them a bit more dimension. You draw the shapes on the back so when you paint it, you’ll still be able to see where to cut. You’ll need to have a backwards template for the arrow part. A detail we overlooked.

Then you take those babies to a well-ventilated area and spray paint the blank side. We had these cans kicking around from the wedding. I’m actually not sure where the silver came from, but that’s not important. The ovals are gold and the arrows are silver.

Your paper absolutely does not need to be shaped like that deformed silver crown on the ground there. Also, we put them on a large section of newspaper for the spraying. Let them dry for half an hour or so while you work on other things for your nerdy party, like brainstorming over which hashtag to use, for example.

Bring them inside, cut them out and glue them together. I suggest using something stronger than just a white glue stick. It worked, but the pieces had to be handled pretty carefully and a few broke apart at the party.

The last step is to put the pin on. Michelle bought a set of 50 pin backs that were pre-adhesed. Not a word, I know. We should have reinforced this adhesive, but it worked out ok. If you don’t find pre-adhesed pin backs, a glue gun is your best friend.

And voila! Star Trek Communicator Pins!