Completion – My Bedroom – a Pinterest Experiment

Well I’ve finally pulled together everything for our bedroom (and my Pinterest experiment). Thanks to everyone who participated!

This is where we started – with what I think  appears to be a little boy’s nursery.

Then I made these pillowcases from fabric I had around the house

And had to remove these shelves from my office at work to make room for another colleague. Since I had bought them myself, I brought them home and, instead of storing them, thought they’d probably go perfectly on the wall. So we (read: husband) put them up.

Then I grabbed books and things from around the house  in blue, white and orange. I bought orange spray paint and spray painted that old milk jug, and I made the “Just You. Forever” print myself (please applaud my ability to left-align and click print).

I stacked some orange books on top of a silver (not real silver) cake stand. I previously had a book here called Plaguemaker (because it was orange) and was asked politely by my husband to maybe not have books called PLAGUEMAKER above our bed. He had a point.

When I was little, my brother gave this little orange vase (then dark purple) to my mom with a bouquet of flowers inside it. It came with the flowers. And it is plastic and had been kicking around my parents’ house for probably 15 years. I stole it and spray painted it. Then we had this blue vase that we bought at a garage sale last year for 25c or something like that. Voila.

And finally, this ampersand was a very collaborative effort between a friend of ours, my father in law, and my husband and I. We had it made for our wedding.

And finally, the finished unveiling.I bet we’re the only people you know who have a blue and ORANGE bedroom. Oh well, way better than the nursery it was before, and this whole project consisted of spending an extra $7 for the spray paint. Everything else we already had! We also re-did the ceiling fan (in the below post), which makes the room way more modern.


4 thoughts on “Completion – My Bedroom – a Pinterest Experiment

  1. leahandtim says:

    I love it!!!! Congrats on your move – I am still a few hours away but perhaps when you move I can mosey on over there to see your beautiful smile IRL!

  2. Jan Speers says:

    Do you rent yourselves out? I wish I had your talent for creating out of random things!

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