Bathroom Organization

Graham and I try to live simply. We get rid of things we don’t use, and we avoid situations that might bring us a case of the “I want” syndrome. Actually, if we were really doing that, I would block Etsy from my computer and he would  never go to a used book store. The extreme upside to this is (a) we don’t spend a lot of money unnecessarily, and (b) we can live in a smaller space because we don’t have as much crap as some others do. I’m telling you this to say that we have all the space we need, really. Our bathroom doesn’t really NEED organizing because we can fit everything in whether it’s organized or not, but after checking out Pinterest and seeing different bathroom organization ideas, I decided to actually USE our medicine cabinet instead of just shoving things in there that I didn’t want to look at. We had a bunch of plastic cups kicking around from our Absurdly Late Housewarming Party in January and so I grabbed a bunch of them and started packaging like items together. Now the only problem is that if one of them gets knocked out of the cabinet, it sits directly above our toilet.

organized medicine cabinet

What have we got here? Well, on the top those are my contacts, makeup sponges, packages of floss, Q-tips and cotton pads, on the bottom there’s Vicks and Tiger Balm (the latter leftover from my Trapeze experience), misc stomach meds, hair clips/ties/pins/elastics, some freshener, clean wipes, lozenges, misc [probably expired] sinus meds and a container of Tums. You’re welcome.

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