My Bedroom – A Pinterest Experiment [Update]

So after posting pics on Pinterest of my bedroom and asking for help, a few people have pinned some really helpful tips for me onto the My Bedroom – a Pinterest Experiment board. I asked for three things – what to do with the bedding (we wanted to keep it white), what to do with the lampshades and what to put on the wall. We’re in a rental (otherwise I’d just paint the wall again) and it’s quite temporary. Anyway, I wanted some new pillowcases but didn’t find any anywhere, and so I remembered that I had bought some funky fabric on sale at Ikea that I wanted to cover a chair in our living room with (before we went with a much different colour scheme).

I figured it would probably work perfectly as pillowcases and, if we move and don’t go with this colour scheme, new pillowcases would be easy to make/replace.

So my mom and I made the pillowcases. Well partly she made them while I signed her up for Pinterest, and partly I made then while she took the dogs out. I didn’t do a very good job documenting the process, and they’re pillowcases, so nothing that really needs to be documented anyway. We cut and folded the fabric and then sewed along the edges. The style we made opens at the back and Mom’s old sewing book called it the “Housewife Style” pillowcase. Score. Next step – lampshades and wall decor.

If you have questions about the project, leave  a comment here or on one of the pins, or email or tweet me (links in the sidebar).