These Shoes Were Made for Homemade Art

Well, I tried a photo project for our bedroom. The room I’m desperately trying to figure out. Pinterest has been helping. See two posts down if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

We don’t yet have anything above our bed, and I wanted to create something personal to put there. I suppose we could just print a huge wedding photo and stick it up, but I like to think I’m more creative than that. Now, when we painted our room, we painted three walls a very light greyish blue and one wall a dark blue, which we thought was more of a gunmetal, but it turns out it’s actually the perfect colour for a little boy’s room. So I hate it and want to put as many things up to cover it as possible.

So I went with shoes. Well, I tried to. I wanted a 24×36 (poster-sized) photo above our bed that contained one pair of each of our shoes. I thought it would be nice to represent the journey Graham and I are on together, as well as the thought that, no matter where our feet take us during the day, we always end up back together at night. Perfect, right? Wrong.I spent a couple of hours doing this last night and the finished product was less than I had hoped for. Alas, here is my journey.

I’d had the picture of his runners and my tan oxfords in my head for days, so I started with that. I also tried out a couple of other combinations that you’ll see.

I put poster board on the wall and on the table and plunked the shoes down. The lighting in that corner is atrocious, so I moved a few lamps to complete my crazy ghetto photo studio. It was at this point (when the rest of the house went dark because of my lamp thievery) that Graham inquired as to what I was doing. Another way to make a really easy ghetto studio is to buy a roll of white paper from the kids section in Ikea for $5 and roll out a long sheet to go up the wall and down across the bottom surface.

Like this? Pin it!

I snapped a few photos, tried a few combinations, and reinforced the fact that I know nothing about lighting or my camera.

I wish my hair looked like that every day

When I was done, I had something resembling this photo.

I edited it to eliminate my stupid poster-board seams and change the lighting a bit and settled on the final version below.

Then, before paying to print and frame it and putting it up only to (potentially and probably – as most things go) hate it, I took a photo of our room and poorly imposed the shoe art onto the wall. And then stood back (from my photo) and realized it made the room look even MORE like a little boy’s room and that I was, in no way, going to put this shoe picture I’d slaved over on the wall of our bedroom.

So there we go. I tried a project and it didn’t turn out exactly the way I’d liked, but I did get a few things out of it. I got to use my Photoshop skills, as well as ended with a cool shoe picture that we might turn into a custom doormat, or frame as a small photo and put it in our house somewhere. Perhaps where we keep the shoes.

Now back to the REAL task at hand: what to do with that wall.


3 thoughts on “These Shoes Were Made for Homemade Art

  1. heylady says:

    May I offer a suggestion? What if you tiled pictures of several of your shoes? Like take a picture of your shoes as individual pairs and tile them, your feminine shoes, his more masculine shoes, every other one.

    I think this idea you have is a great one, maybe it just needs to be tweaked a little. You could also add colored light or colored paper to change the color of the backdrop behind the shoes?

    I love seeing your projects btw, as a fellow crafter and general create person I love seeing what other people are trying!

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