Repurpose: Shopping bag turned Kindle sleeve

My in-laws bought me a Kindle for Christmas, and I’ve been frantically filling it with literature ever since. There are tons of books on there now that aren’t being read, instead of being at their home at Amazon and not being read. I’m working on it.

I immediately began scouring the internet for a protector/holder/case for it because I didn’t feel cool about throwing it in my purse with my keys and pens and that geometry set compass from sixth grade. A case for the Kindle (or any e-book reader) will run you $30-$60, depending on if you want it to cook you dinner or not. I looked on etsy, hoping there was something cheaper, and there was not, but there were indeed more creative options. Then I thought that, while I figured this out, I would want something to protect the device in the meantime.

So I, naturally, looked around the house for something I could take and turn into a Kindle cover. For free. And I found an Urban Outfitters bag in the back of our car that would work perfectly.

If you want more protection, I suggest using a bag with a bit more structure, but this works really well for now!

First I had to decide if  I wanted some of the text on the bag to be part of the sleeve or if I wanted the sleeve to have handles.

I chose the handles, traced around the Kindle,  leaving a centimetre of space between the Kindle and the trace mark, and sewed along the line with my dinosaur of a sewing machine, making sure to do it all inside-out.

I left a bit too much room, I discovered when I put the Kindle in and it went for a swim, so I sewed it again a bit smaller, and then cut beyond the sew line.

I turned it inside out and voila, my free Kindle cover! The bag was black on one side and white on the other, which explains the final picture.

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