DIY Fireplace

When my husband and I moved into our first place together (read: less than a month ago), the far wall of our living room was a blank slate. The room had odd dimensions, and we haven’t really enough money to do whatever we want. I wanted a fireplace, and we already had a fireplace-like space heater. I thought it would be cheeky to build the room around it, so we did.

“Honey, let’s buy a mantle.” “A mantle? How do you BUY a mantle?” “Well, you just buy a mantle.” So, we looked on Kijiji, and voila, there was an old, slightly worn, not very nice mantle. And it was big. So G ventures over and buys this mantle.

It needed to be a bit narrower, as well as shorter to not make the little heater look comical.  So G and his dad took the top off.

Cut it in half and took out about a foot.

Pushed the sides together, and flipped the removed piece around and used it to stabilize the top of the mantle.

Glued the sides back together and clamped it. Then took the same amount off of the top piece (not pictured)

Took 6 inches off each leg. The legs of the mantle. Not of each other.

Sanded the entire thing and applied 3 coats of white spray-paint.

Flanked it with bookcases, put the fireplace in the opening and our TV on top.



2 thoughts on “DIY Fireplace

  1. heylady says:

    That looks awesome! And good for G for getting it done, putting it off leads to stuff sitting around for eternity. You know what you COULD put behind the space heater? A picture of a roaring fire… It might be cheesy, but if anyone could make it work, it’s you.

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