Neighbourhood Dispute in #YYC

One person is trying to move away from my block. For some reason, the neighbours don’t want them to move, I’m not sure why, and so they’re putting up professionally created “don’t buy this house!” signs. Well, they’re putting up some variation of that…

First this one popped up. I was in complete awe, so I photographed it and put it on Twitter. Of course, because there are no albums in Twitter, it’s difficult to keep track of all the pictures (my Facebook friends have been delightfully following along).

Sorry that it’s so small. The text on the sign says ‘”THINK” before you buy this house. “Major dispute over fence” ‘

So I chuckled, didn’t understand, and then took a picture.

A few weeks pass, and I cruise past the house, nearly crashing when I find ANOTHER delightful sign on the lawn!

I’m a bit of a stickler for branding and consistency, and I truly believe that, with their anti-neighbour campaign, their signs should have the same look and feel to them, y’now? Maybe they were trying to match with the For Sale sign that was no longer on the house next door. Certainly you can’t have people viewing the home with these signs up! WHO would want to live next to these people?!

Of course, both signs are now on the lawn

Then, as I’m monitoring the situation closely, I walk past about two weeks later and there’s a charming picture of Pittsburgh Steeler Troy Polamalu in front of the yellow sign. I will say that from a distance, sans glasses, I thought his hair was a witch on a broomstick. Sadly, that illustration would have made more sense than this one. Any illustration would have made more sense.

And now there are three signs on the lawn. For whatever reason, having this picture of an NFL player doesn’t surprise me in the least. I thought if I put a sign on the lawn it would say ‘PICTURES OF YOUR “HOME” ARE ALL OVER THE INTERNET. YOU “ARE” RIDICULOUS.’


THEN, I look up the home online and, get this, IT SOLD. How in this world that house sold (for $700,000, mind you) with those signs next door illustrating seriously miserable neighbours is beyond me.

Anyhoodle, I was annoyed with the RANDOMNESS of the signs. I mean, hello, at least put up some more juicy, confusing signs; none of this Pittsburgh Steelers mumbo jumbo. I just thought I’d help them out with a few more signs.


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