YYC Twestival

You don’t know how much of my energy went into not naming this post “#yyctwestival.” So, the second Twitter event I’ve attended turned out really well!

Held at Firewater Pub and Eatery in the Eau Claire section of downtown (seriously, does anyone want to buy me a condo here?), the turnout was quite healthy for the size of the establishment. I wish Tweetups would be held on Saturday nights, as then everyone doesn’t have to rush away and get back to work in the morning, but it was still a great time.

The lame emcee who didn’t know what she was talking about was alright. Oh wait, that was me. I was happy to helpout in any way I could to spread the news of Concern Worldwide, the charity that Twestival (a global event held in cities all over the world) is raising money for this year. Last year it raised $250,000 for Charity Water, to allow them to provide fresh drinking water to 17,000 people in the form of 55 clean wells.

The trivia game had a LOT of participants, which made me wish I had come up with more questions, but it left more time for mingling. I met new Twitter people I hadn’t met before, who admitted to stalking me (ahem @rjmcleod), and got a chance to connect with people I’d either seen at the Social Media Breakfasts (#smbyyc) or at #YYC4HAITI. I love Twitter people; they’re always up for anything.

And I promise this blog will not consist solely of my Twitter event experiences.