Well, it’s early morning the day after the biggest Tweetup in Calgary’s history. If you don’t know what a Tweetup is, you will probably not understand the rest of this post.

#YYC4HAITI was an event planned by three women in Calgary who wanted to make a difference for Haiti. I was fortunate enough to work with Doug Lacombe, John Cornegge and Jon Holden on the live feed of the event and am just thinking back over the last night. I wanted to compile my favourite quotes and moments, but didn’t want to swamp everyone with tweets.

Here they are

“Sorry it’s not professional.” – @holdencalgary in reference to the profesh backdrop, profesh camera and additional lighting.
(clearly he hasn’t seen me film a video at arm’s length with my pink Canon Powershot)

The interview with @roger. ‘Nuff said.

(also wearing a Yelle jersey) telling me he heard about the event “on the Twitter,” and live tweeting on camera with me.

“You’re not as creepy as I was anticipating.” – @ispeakcanadian (me) to @lonnietaylor. (I’m so sorry, Lonnie! I meant “oh, you’re not as creepy as most people these days!)

Me trying to interview Harry the Horse, The Calgary Stampeders’ Mascot, who obviously can’t talk.

@alex_ruiz and @that_angela nearly tackling me at the end when I was about to shpiel off a thank you to sponsors and heartfelt message about tuning in.

The magician. Not necessarily a “highlight,” but certainly a MEMORABLE moment. *goes to have a shower*

(at about 14:30 on the video below)

The crazy amounts of people who kept the stream up for the ENTIRE time and sent me encouragement and questions and interview suggestions. I tried to implement all of them!

“Sorry for whoring you out so much.” –@holdencalgary in reference to asking me to interview people. Jon, it’s ok. That’s what I was there for. I told him “as long as you aren’t whoring me out for REAL, then it’s ok.”

Asking a Stampede princess her favourite hashtag. She doesn’t tweet.

Everyone’s reaction to my parents teaching me the word “twitter” to be the female anatomy when I was a child.

Talking to @rkuzyk about his multiple personality disorder

Asking @wintr what it’s like to be a local Twitter sex symbol

Tweeting to @imparo that I was “downstairs on the non live non feed” when we were having some difficulties.

@gostlund referring to Twitter girls as “geek” girls and then saying you don’t really associate them to be pretty, but they are!

@kyleshew (Kyle Shewfelt) saying people know him for winning a gold medal in gymnastics in the 2004 Olympics, but also for being a nice guy. Yeah, I think “nice guy” comes a DIIIISTANT second to winning a gold medal. (is he French Canadian? He sounds a bit like it)

(at about 10:30)


Making new friends! I made so many new friends last night, and it was so wonderful to meet everyone! Thank you guys for tuning in and watching!

And my two favourite tweets from the night:

@nscafe – Did that magic trick make you feel dirty?

@kevinthegeek you’re doing a fantastic job hosting #yyc4haiti You’re very humble and relaxed. Loving your humor!

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One thought on “#YYC4HAITI

  1. jonholden says:

    That is really funny. I really needed something like this today to make me laugh, especially the “Sorry for whoring you out” line. Seems like a line you say to a friend, not someone you just met two hours earlier.

    Great job, was watching the feeds when I got home, and you did a great job. I of course couldn’t hear you when you were interviewing, so it was fun to hear.

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