What I Wore – August/September

The end of August was pretty crazy around here so I didn’t get an August WIW post up. Here it is! The two dresses at the bottom (blue/gold and red/white/gold) are new finds I bought in Boston. Not necessarily a bargain but I like getting dresses from independent stores while I’m visiting a city. It rounds out my wardrobe. I also bought a few new pairs of pants in these two months to suit my NEW BODY coughbiggercoughgetsomeexercisesarah. Anyway, which item is your favourite? Leave a comment and let me know!


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4 Responses to What I Wore – August/September

  1. I like the picture where you’re wearing your husband! New body? Are you…? Yay!!!

  2. marmargerbil says:

    I love that pretty pleated red & white dress with the yellow cardigan. So darling! And that statement pearl necklace is awesome. One of the best things about doing an outfit post like this is whenever you need some inspiration you can just go back to this and say, “Ooooh yeah! I loved that outfit! I’m going to go put that on.”

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